• Private Returns to Public Investment: Political Career Incentives and Infrastructure Investment in China (With Zhenhuan Lei). Journal of Politics, Vol 84, No. 1 (2022), 455–469 [Publisher] [SSRN]

Working Papers

  • Generalizing Covariate-tightened Trimming Bounds for Sample Selection Using Adaptive Kernels (With Cyrus Samii, Ye Wang)
    • Presented at MPSA 2022, Asian Polmeth 2022, PolMeth 2021
  • Regression Discontinuity Designs for High-frequency Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data (With Ye Wang, Yiqing Xu)
    • Presented at MPSA 2022, Asian Polmeth 2022, MPSA 2021, APSA 2021, UCSD, NYU
  • Estimating Heterogeneous Treatment Effect on Clustered Data with Application on Get-Out-The- Vote Experiments
    • Presented at PolMeth 2020, NYU
  • Political Hierarchy and Political Pressure: The Regulation Power of Local Governments in Chinese Context.
    • Presented at MPSA 2019